SOVDA is part of  Torch Coffee Company, a specialty coffee brand established in 2014. 

At Torch Coffee,  we believe that coffee is about people, and as a company we are passionate about empowering those people.

At SOVDA we want to empower coffee professionals to succeed by providing better coffee equipment. 

So, we developed the equipment we needed to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee possible. Our passion for quality drove us to create new products that made our work easier, produced better results, and without compromising on design. 

With these principles in mind we have designed and tested coffee equipment at the TORCH  roastery since 2017.  Baggers, roasters, color-sorters for cherries, as well as green and roasted bean color sorters. 

In July 2018 we launched the PEARL MINI, a color sorter for green and roasted beans. 

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"SOVDA designs better coffee equipment
to take your coffee experience to the next level"

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       Samuel Gurel - Founder and head of Innovation

Samuel is the founder and CEO at TORCH Coffee and SOVDA. He has a passion and dream to develop world-class specialty coffee in China. He believes the primary means of doing this is through education and innovation. He has worked in many different parts of the industry including cupper, green bean importer, roaster and barista. Samuel grow up in a farm in the US and has the unique experience of managing a coffee farm in Guatemala. Samuel is a Q Arabica and Robusta instructor, as SCAA specialised instructor and SCAE AST. Lately Samuel has been experimenting with improving quality through innovative processing methods including honey and natural. He is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin.

Max Boegler - Head of Business development                                                                                      

Max is the head of business at SOVDA.He has worked for several years as a project manager and business developer in Europe and Asia in Renewable Energy and Agriculture. He has a passion for sustainability and sees Specialty Coffee as a unique bridge between the developing and the developed worlds. He believes if coffee consumers better understand how their beverage is produced they will strive for better quality and ultimately have a better experience. He is fluent in French and German.


Hector "RIcardo" Zepeda - Head of Marketing

Ricardo is the head of marketing at SOVDA. He has a heart for people. Growing up in Honduras, coffee was a big part of his life. He had his eureka moment with Specialty Coffee in 2015 in England when his friends from Torch Coffee introduced him to the industry. This leads him on a journey across four continents, learning coffee and eventually joining SOVDA. He is fluent in Spanish.