Coffee sorting has a new standard.

This is the SOVDA Pearl Mini.

Engineered for high efficiency and next level quality control.


Sort green or roasted coffee up to 500kg per hour.

Improve workflow and achieve a quality consistent cup of coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What size roastery is Sovda equipment made for?

A. With specialty coffee roasters in mind, our equipment is made to integrate with 15 to 90kg capacity roaster.

Q. What is the cost of installation and how much time should be allotted?

A. We will coordinate with you to prepare for and schedule an installation technician who will also make sure your team can independently use the machine when we leave your roastery. In addition to this we share best practices to help you integrate Sovda into your production line as seamlessly as possible. The cost of installation is a flat fee of $1,000 plus travel for our technician/trainer. The average time is 3-5 days for install and 3-5 days for training.

Q. How long will it take to receive my Sovda equipment once I place my order?

A. Order to installation time can range from 8 to 12 weeks.

Q. How can I customize my machine?

A. You have the option to specify any color finish for the Pearl Mini and Z Loader. Simply provide us with the RAL number in the order form to choose a custom color for an additional $1,000 USD per machine. This could add up to four weeks of production time.

Q. How do I receive my Sovda equipment?

A. You have two options. You can arrange your own FCA shipping or let us handle it. We ship to your door DDU for $4,500 USD for all machines or machine packages. Please note this price includes shipping and customs clearance but excludes VAT, taxes and duties.

Q. Can I use any air compressor? What are the technical specifications?

A. The recommended specifications for the air compressor are the following: A screw or rotary air compressor with refrigerator type dryer, tank and good filters (oil, dust and water can damage ejectors). You will need 7.5 kw 10hp 23 cfm at 90 psi and .8m3 at .3mpa. You can look at our technical sheet for a comprehensive description of air compressor requirement. We recommend you purchase domestically so that you can service it. In case you can't get one locally, we can provide it for you, but won't be able to service it locally.

Q. Will the electric be compatible with the service in my country?

A. Your Pearl mini will come with the appropriate electric for the country you select.

Q. Does the Pearl Mini have a warranty? Can I get a replacement?

A. Sovda equipment comes with a standard one-year parts warranty, labor not included. We want you to be happy with your product and will do our best to get you sorting again as quickly as possible! If your machine fails during normal usage and we are not able to get it working again via our customer support team, they will put you in touch with our service team. Our service team will work with you to get you the parts you need for your machine at no cost to you. Warranty doesn’t include normal wear items or improper use.